Monday, June 23, 2008

idle hands

i can't sit for very long, i get "ants in my pants"
i've never had a "sit down" job, so if i do sit
i have to have something to do
watching TV or just sitting on my deck
i'm usually twisting wire, crocheting, or some other work like making jewelry
i took a class a few years ago at AU with Richard Salley and loved it!
i started out working with galvanized steel
and then combining beads and now just beads
i can't "forge" the metal any more
i need an assistant!
that would be wonderful, someone to do all the things my body won't let me
thank god my eyes still work, knock on wood!
i made my first beaded bracelet a few weeks ago,
since then I've made 15 and have 6 on the go,
plus I started making earrings by request and have over 50 pairs made
ineed a break so i think i will work on some more backgrounds!


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