Wednesday, March 4, 2009

fun with flowers

the beginning of march always gets me excited
spring is on its way!
one thing that always gets me in the mood is
usually it starts today, the first wednesday of the month
but for some reason they changed the date to the 18th
i was all ready to go
good thing i looked at the website to see the hours
one of last years displays was this
table cloth, cake and slice
all made with flowers
a full size piano

and this vw bug
it's a great place to get inspired
look at some unique gardens, displays,
competitions and my favorite
the market place
i'll just have to wait 2 weeks


Lisa said...

Beautiful reminders that spring will come. The VW bug is awesome! I've always wondered what it would be like to create one of these floral creations..working with living props and the time elements.

Chocolate and Steel said...

this is crazy! I love that vw bug. I wonder how long it stays fresh. I'd love to have a mini vw as a centerpiece on my table

Teresa aka Tess said...

OMGosh, what fun. I love the vw. HOw neat and to think someone spent hours, maybe even days or months creating these things. It's mind boggling. And I can just imagine how much fun it is to see in person. Thanks for sharing, I too am ready for spring.

Lisa said...

Hi Nancy,
I have a blogger award to pass on to you!

julie said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! I really love the bug too! Thanks so much for the Valentine for OWOH! I just got it, and it is really beautiful!

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