Friday, March 27, 2009


one of my favorite things to photograph
i have thousands of pictures
old to modern
skyscraper to cabins
castles to homes
cathedrals to landmarks
just last year on several road trips
from nyc to philly
or montreal and ottawa
i just could decide on which one to use
so why not something from home
a view from centre island and
old city hall both here in toronto


prkl said...

One very impressive sceneshot. Absolutely fantastic scene with many details. Very nice city you've got there. Very nice pic. Happy TC!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I share your love of architecture and this is amazing work. Bravo.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Love the sunset or sunrise in this image.

Sharon said...

Both shots are beautiful but I'm partial to the juxtaposition of the old clock tower against the modern skyscraper.

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