Tuesday, March 17, 2009

encaustic class

with only a few more classes left
i start to panic
all the things i want to get done before then
last spring i had this little visitor
i dreamt of this great idea using this image
and every time i tried it, it just didn't work
so i just decided to "not think about it"
i just started adding the wax over a photo transfer
so far i like it
i also worked on a larger version of a previous piece
up until now, most of my work has been no larger than 10x10
this piece is 12x16
i could only scan it in parts
the top is of the sky
i decided to use the heat gun to smooth it out
and got a little carried away
sometimes a mistake can lead to something cool


Antonella said...

I like it.. I can't wait to see more of what you do. I wanted to let you know that I posted a picture of the card you sent me. Have a beautiful day! antonella www.quilling.blogspot.com

Sharon said...

What can I possibly say,Nancy. Each piece has its own special appeal and all are beautiful. The treescape is reminiscent of a picture my father did. If I'm not mistaken, he took several shots using slide film and he superimposed several images and then applying the frame. The effect is a soft blur and the colours are the vibrant oranges and reds of autumn. If only he knew about encaustic...

Irene said...

I hope you have all these things hanging up someplace to look at. If not I'll clear a wall.

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