Thursday, March 8, 2012

copper pendent

a few weeks ago i visited john bead and bought some copper wire

i usually work with silver but for some reason the copper appealed to me

in one day i made 10 necklaces

above one of the pendents i gave to my friend carmi

who decided to make a kumihimo cord to match (see below)

and then posted it on the john bead blog

now the wheels are turning again!!!!


Janet said...

Beautiful pendant in and of itself & the cord is a perfect accompaniment!
I love working with copper wire 'sculptures' - but have never tried jewelry... i love (& am in awe of) your design!
You are such an incredibly creative soul!!


Irene said...

Lucky Carmi, you did a great job.

Lost Aussie said...

This is just fabulous!

ludgera said...

Beautiful! Do you still have time to walk the dog?

Terrie said...

Gorgeous, creative, so organic and flowing. Just love this Nancy!

laurel said...

Your necklaces are stunning! Love your new obsession.

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