Sunday, February 12, 2012

playing around

a friend asked me "how do you start a project, how do you know what

photos will work, what's your inspiration"

i said "it'll be easier to show you"

so i quickly opened a photo folder and randomly grabbed 2 photos

layer them on top of each other and showed her all the blending modes

(she was already amazed on how good it looked but i said, wait there's more)

i opened 3 documents and 2 layer masks from shadowhouse

rearranging the layers , turning them on and off , and playing

with the blending modes i came up with the above finished project

sometimes it's that simple, most of the time i don't have an idea

i just want to practice, or experiment

if i think too much about it nothing gets done

and the best ones just happen

(above the elements i used in my project)

above, a screen shot of my project

below a few variations of the same project

"practice makes perfect" or so they say
every morning i sit with a cup of tea and play in ps
i usually spend 30 minutes, sometimes more
i never know what will happen and i'm always surprised by the results
the key is to just start and see where it will lead
and of course have fun


bockel24 said...

what a wonderful blog post, I´d recommend it to all PS beginners! and your results are all beautiful ...

Lost Aussie said...

Great job Nancy. Happy play is the key to lovely creating in my book too.

Irene said...

Oh sure, easy for you. I'll try it some day when I'm not sure I'm going to have a nervous breakdown while I "have fun"

starseasons said...

I like the idea a speeding just 30 minutes a day playing in my PSE

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