Tuesday, February 28, 2012

kumihimo and wine

now that i have mastered the "round" kumihimo disc it was time to tackle

the square version

once my friend carmi gave me the "coles notes" i was good to go
an hour later i had enough to make this double bracelet for my niece


easy peasy or so i thought until i was invited for dinner and crafts

at my friends house, we should have opened the wine after the demo!!lu made a wonderful meal !!!


Pamela said...

I must consult the Googles.
My people will love it.

ludgera said...

Round Kumihimo: a no-brainer with one glass of wine
Square Kumihimo: this will replace a breathalyzer after 2 glasses of wine
Yes, there is a rule to Kumihimo Demo before dinner
There will be a bracelet in each colour on my wrist matching my summer outfits!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

this looks wonderful! and hard to do!

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