Sunday, May 22, 2011

long weekend in the garden

what a difference a few weeks make

i thought for sure i would be behind due to the

late start to spring and a week of solid rain

this weekend i spent hours, finishing my weeding

laying out 16 bags of cedar mulch

moving and splitting and

planting 10containers of annuals

i even had time to sit and relax

enjoying a bottle of vine and a bbq


Healing Woman said...

Ahhhh..the best of times. Gardening and vino are a great combo don't you think? Nice post.

martha brown said...

I managed to spread 4 bags of mulch before the rain came this morning. After pulling out a whole lot of invasive bigroot geraniums (which I will be planting at school tomorrow)..... It's too early for wine or beer yet... so I'm descending to the dungeon (aka basement studio) to sew some house dresses.

Plush Possum Studio said...

What a pretty yard and garden area!
i know we've gotten behind a little. I've got 4 bedding plants to get out, with more rain expected today!
PS i love your "dungeon" idea.LOL Just wonderful

Irene said...

I only got the pond cleaned up, too windy, came in with a wicked headache and came in to get rid of it. Still a full container of unwanted greenery. And now it's sort of raining. Awesome garden, and wish I had some of your energy.

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