Monday, May 2, 2011

in the garden

a litle rain and warmer tempatures seem to have

got things growing in the garden

(ferns, brunnera, coral bells, wodland poppys and bleeding hearts)


lady's mantel

after a hard days work

it was time to scrap off my rubber boots

and take a few pictures


Caryl said...

Love the flowers but I love the boots even more. I bought myself some new ones last week I will have to post them on my blog for you to enjoy. :o)

Dena said...

Hi Nancy!

Thanks for this. I was working on some organic motif relief clay tiles and the picture of the fiddle heads has inspired me to take a new look at what I was working towards!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

You have a wonderful little warm spot over there! You are so far ahead, you'd think you were in tropical southern Ontario. Hope springs eternal. My word definition is "Vidiums" got any of those in your microcosm of warmth??

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