Friday, November 26, 2010

one of a kind show

first stop at the show, as always
carmi's booth to say hi
and purchase a few christmas cards

my favorite at the show
toronto artist joanna sipos
i purchased this wonderful belt made of wire and metal

dan bi-- jianzhi artist
from markham 647.588.4168
this tiger caught my eye
i can't image how much patience it would take
to cut out this intricate design out of such thin paper
(i was born in the year of the tiger)

paper collage artist mary karavos (left)
beautiful collages with handmade paper
and sue mcnenly (right)
cute precious metal necklaces

i just had to laugh at this card and buy one for fun
it came with a set of vodoo pins and
the black background is foam
creepy christine

birch poetry by
sunday i will be back to work carmi's booth and
see the second half of the show


Irene said...

looking good.

martha brown said...

I was there! but I forgot my camera. I won't be going back until next Sunday -- and Carmi won't be there. I intended to go back to Carmi's booth and buy a Hannukah card or tow -- but I ran out of time -- I didn't even make it to buy any yummy chocolate. Darn.

Lisa said...

looks like great shopping fun Nancy! I love that belt you bought.. so sculptural..what a great work of art!

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