Wednesday, November 3, 2010

encaustic class

this post is for all those who where wondering about encaustic
i've evolved over the past two years since i started regular classes
and i've accumulated lots of supplies
i've set up a space in my studio to work in when i'm not in class

above my new bigger hot plate from canadian tire
it has twice the heat surface and can now have 3 different mixes of wax
micro crystalline, natural bees wax and one with a combo of both
i use an old iron for smoothing out large canvases
a smaller iron from the fine art store in rochester and a heat gun

oil paint and oil sticks, brushes in many sizes and for different colours
metal tart tins, scrappers, dental tools, palette knife,
anything to "mark" or "carve" in the wax

i love the versatility of wax
i can incorporate all my mixed media lessons
and all the happy accidents that are created

you can buy pre-mixed paints but they are costly
i mix my own as i need them
i use metal tart tins, fill with wax and add oil paint
i can re use the same container again and again
and add more when needed

when i want just a "splash" of colour i use oil sticks
right on the heat surface and add a little wax to thin it

today i spent my time finishing some of my projects

above , i wanted to add some color and texture to
a photo transfer gone bad
( i accidental scrapped too much)
so with a little wax i covered it up

the sides always are the last to be finished
and sometimes forgotten
a little oil paint and mineral spirits
rubbed into the wax and then removed
the oil paint remains in all the "nooks and cranny's"
and highlights the texture
i got several canvases finished
hopefully they will be sold for christmas


Irene said...

Thanks for sharing your workroom with us. I love that you do it at home, I find it quite smelly.

Susan said...

so very cool! thanks so much for that great info...I have never done any encaustic work other than straight bees wax, LOL!
I'll have to try and pick up some more info here and there. I love your stuff!

come visit:

I have a surprise for you :)

Karen said...

So when's the class..:)

Caryl said...

Hi Nancy, I still haven't played yet with all my goodies. I have just been so sick this year :o( But when I do you will be the first to know.

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