Thursday, July 8, 2010

keeping cool

with the heat still rising
thank god i have and excuse to be indoors
i'm making 50 wedding invitations
and they need to be done by tomorrow
both my printers have been on overdrive
25 sheets of sparkly linen paper
2 invites per page
25 sheets for the directions
plus rsvp cards and hotel information
good thing i have beanie the inspector on the case
above, beanie trying to figure out just how they work
paper in here, more noise down there and
i'll just help them out here!!!
as both printer are on the go
i was busy cutting the sliver and black paper
for the invites
and 50 sheets of velum to wrap them up with
and beanie was busy guarding the printer
i needed a box to keep things organised
all i could find was a flat from the case of water

which bean used as a fort
finally she settled down and fell asleep
now i get to work layering, wrapping
and adding ribbon
i'll post the finished ones tomorrow


Lost Aussie said...

Great to see you have a good quality control inspector!

Irene said...

anxious for your creation.

Renee Howell said...

laughing and giggling and sharing your post with the kitchen counter crowd this am. Thank you for sharing Beanies greatest and latest inspection adventure

martha brown said...

It's finally getting cooler in my house (no AC) yesterday topped out at 32 and it was WAY hotter on the 2nd floor. Today it's a nice, cool 27!WooHoo! Have fun with the invites!

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