Tuesday, July 20, 2010

being inspired

after looking through carmi's
i've been inspired to finish working on
my paris photos so i can make one myself
just as a keepsake to remember my trip

i'm on day 10 from my 12 day trip
and have over 5500 photos to go through

i'm hoping i'll finish this weekend
and then it will be the challenge on picking
my favorite 100 or maybe 200

all the photos above where taken
of the opera garnier


Irene said...

You have quite a challenge ahead of you.

Lost Aussie said...

100 or so out of 5000!?!? good luck with that!

Lisa said...

truly fabulous, clear images.. you should create some disks or digital sheets and sell them.

do you have the iphone app picture show? I am so addicted..it's so fun!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Could friends and family get special permission to purchase your new publication?

Anonymous said...

Nancy...these are great really really great...love the angel..and the corridor...something wonderfully powerful in that angel's expression! Blessings Eden

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