Tuesday, December 15, 2009

crazy christmas lights!!!

after leaving martha's house last wednesday
we stopped to see this house!!
i could only imagine how many lights !!

the igloo with the 8 mini penguins
is my favorite
catch the
on TLC
tonight at 7 pm


Lisa said...

In downtwon Baltimore there is an entire block of rowhomes that do this every year..both sides of the street. Each home is as crazy as this one and more! There are crowds of people touring the street every night and the most humourous thing is the homeowners sitting in their living room watching TV, beer in hand while gobs of people crowd onto their front porch gawking at the decorations!

martha brown said...

It makes me smile every night when I walk past this house. It is so perfect :)

Unknown said...

Ha,haa omg I saw it too and stopped to stare! Could I please post the same pic on my blog?? Stay warm!

Sandy xox

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