Wednesday, November 4, 2009

encaustic class

my encaustic class mate, ron
has this wonderful style and ability
to "see" something in the wax
he uses the heat gun a lot
( which is one thing i haven't experimented with enough)
i got to work along side him and
learn his technique
what fun!!!

we worked with 2 boards and the same
2 colours of wax
just layered them in different orders
heat, add oil paint
heat some more , add some wax
heat some more
added more paint
something very calming about the whole process
reminded me of the water
ron saw a coral reef
so, when i got home i decided to
see what they would look like with
one of my photos on top

this photo, taken a few weeks ago on lake simcoe
the sun was reflecting off the rocks
looks really cool on the background

this shot was from my california trip a few years ago
it works well with the "whirl pool"


Teresa aka Tess said...

Wow, awesome mixture of encaustic background and your photos. I really like that first combination.

Anonymous said...

I do so enjoy your encaustic pieces. So cool!

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