Tuesday, November 10, 2009

birch trees

one thing you don't see enough in the city
birch trees
i don't know why that is
my first visit to owen sound
i noticed them everywhere

the birch trees that line
the stream in the photo
of the previous post


Irene said...

I'll tell you why? Birch trees need to be in the forest, even though they are wonderful landscape they are of the Willow Family, big roots, and they get diseased easily in polution, You wouldn't notice this in the forest but in the city ???? not a cost effective choice for City gardeners. Or so our City gardener told me. They don't really like White Pine either, now Gingko, I was told has been around as long as the dinonsaurs were, not disease no tender loving care needed. Love the white birch anyway, just don't plant them too close to your foundation or they'll creep into your weeping tile.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Isn't this a fun time of year to be snapping away?! I did love the reflective picture, and now the stand of trees. Nice work.

martha brown said...

My parents have a birch in London (Ontario) but it's really high maintenance. there is some beetle that they have to spray for every year. Beautiful, though....

laurel said...

I love birch trees! Beautiful photos.

Susan Williamson said...

I really like these photos, especially the one combining berries and birchbark. Very poetic.

Chuck Dilmore said...


beautiful captures, Nancy!

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