Wednesday, October 28, 2009

encaustic class

sometimes i start with an idea
and then totaly get off track
but that's what class is for
learning new techniques
and experiencing "happy accidents"
not sure exactly what i was going for
but ended up with the above work
a photo from my country road trip a few weeks ago
i guess the "gold" represents the corn field
the sky was created with the heat gun
(which i don't use enough)
so i think i like the contrast of the smooth and rough
just not sure if i like the colour combo??

this one started out simple

but then i decided to add a little bit more

did i go too far???


me again said...

I like the second one, but I like the top one....a LOT. Looks great :-)

Irene said...

I like the cornfield really a lot.

Our Hands For Hope said...

I really think the corn field is amazing. The color blocking is grat. I love that the background is a sewing pattern. The tree line gives the perfect break for detail.

Shayla said...

I like the effects of the pattern paper. An especially great piece.

Seth said...

I love the first one soon as I saw it. And I think the color combination is just right. Earthy base and blue sky top!

martha brown said...

The field is wonderful, Nancy!

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