Friday, October 16, 2009

cool nites

it's that time of year again
as the nites get cooler
i love to get out the yarn
this year has been interesting
beanie loves to play with the yarn
i've made her several " toys" to distract her
and i'm missing a ball of chocolate brown
i've looked everywhere!

i've been working on scarves
i love playing with the different color combos
and have taught myself a few new pattern
i'll keep you post on how they turn out


Chuck Dilmore said...

pearl, knit, smile!

me again said...

You KNOW how I feel about these beauties! Not that I like the cold one little bit, mind you.....

Irene said...

how cosy!

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful scarf! The color combination you chose really elevates the granny square to something fabulous.
My needles are flying too. Christmas is right around the corner!

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