Monday, June 1, 2009

nature meets grunge

i love photoshop
sometimes you just don't have the time or the space
or the energy to get out all the supplies and
work on some art
never mind all the trial and error
waiting for paint or glue to dry
and then all the clean-up!
after a long day
it's nice to sit at the computer and play
with just a few click you can take
a few simple photos
one of a tree silhouette taken earlier this spring
and the second of a telephone pole, taken today
a few tweeks here and there
convert to black and white
a bit of cropping
merge the two together
play with the blending modes
add some text
a half an hour later!
something i could not have created
without going a little crazy!


Irene said...


Jona Panesa said...

wow, and its a beautiful digital collage. you really are amazing!

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