Tuesday, June 30, 2009

flee market finds

once a month i like to visit the
st. lawrence antique market
i get there as early as i can
i love wondering through, usually twice
deciding what i'd like and how i'm going to use it
i have so much "stuff"
i try to put a limit on what i get
and how much i spend
some things are just worth it
like the brownie starflash camera
i'd finished and was leaving
waiting for the light to change and looking back
i caught it , sitting there calling to me!!!
i had to buy it, only $10
i have a small collection, this one makes 5
other great finds:
a bag of crystal $5
a box of metal hardware $20
a bag of watch parts $10
and children's shoe form $5
it was a fun morning
i even saw some celebs
justin and colin from home heist


Teresa aka Tess said...

Wow, What wonderful finds. OH how I wish we had flea markets in our area. I would love to come across a box of watch parts for cheap. Your finds are interesting and are calling out to be used creatively. It sounds like you had fun too. Well done!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

You find the best stuff! It would be fun following you around just to see what you pick!

Sharon said...

Colin and Justin? Wow. Do you think they were shopping for their own home? Wonder where they live.
Is the St. Lawrence flea market in the north building? Or is it west of Bay St? The last time I was down in that area it was for Woofstock and I was completely distracted. You have the best junk of anyone I know!

Joanne Huffman said...

Great finds. Sometimes, you just have to accumulate more stuff. And, I have to add...I love your garden photos from the previous posts.


Jenn Klee said...

That shoe form is just extraordinary!

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