Tuesday, January 20, 2009

one world, big heart!

yesterday i posted for owoh
went out all day
came home and checked my blog
and i had over 60 comments
that was the first day
it took me all night to go through every one!
then visit their blogs and i haven't
been to owoh links list yet!
everyone has been so kind with their comments
i will be blessed with some wonderful friends
i'd better get to work
i promised everyone at least an art card!
(i decided to add a limit of 150 only after i did the math)
(i my have to enlist the help of my friends)
thank goodness i have 3 weeks
it will help get me through this crazy winter!


Sarah said...

Hi Nancy!
I only sent my link about half an hour ago and Lisa must have put it up immediately. I have only visited two places from my comments and got distracted and so on! I love the world of blogging! Nice to meet you!
Sarah :)

Jona Panesa said...

its so much fun. I have been blog hopping and its nice meeting everyone. you do wonderful art. nice to meet you.

Terri said...

Oh so this is what I can do with paper or fabric scraps...thanks for sharing & the inspiration...I can feel the love...

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