Thursday, November 20, 2008

encaustic class

i've been so busy , i forgot about posting
my latest
from my encaustic class
this week , i worked with some
coloured photocopies
adding them first and then working
with layering the wax
i also wanted to practice some texture techniques
i used painters tape to mask out the areas of the pictures
and tried to match up the coloured wax to go with the photo
it was fun and different from my previous work
i'm really enjoying this new medium and
with only 2 more classes left
i'm thinking i will take this class again
next semester
i have a lot more to learn !
the photos were taken in jerome, az


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Great work Nancy. It's amazing to see all that you do. Love that photo. I'll be watching with great interest. Don't forget

nancy said...

Hey Leslie, I'll have plenty of time to sleep in the old age home!

Joanne Huffman said...

I love the soft look you're getting with your encaustic pieces.


Sharon said...

Oh Nancy, these encaustic paintings are so beautiful. They have such a lovely soft, misty air. Where do you take lessons here (as opposed to Arizona)?

Irene said...

I love your work, I think this is your thing. And you are right that's all the old people do is sleep, keep working, it's better for you.

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