Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a day of sharing words

"we get so caught up in the furry of our lives
that we forget the essential thing about art-
that the act of creating is a healing gesture,
as sacred as prayer,
as essential to the spirit as food is to the body
our creative work reveals us to ourselves,
allows to transform our experience
and imagination into forms that
sing back to us in a language of
symbol of who we are,
what we are becoming,
what we have loved and feared.

this is the alchemy of creation:
that as i attempt to transmute a feeling or a thought
into and artistic form that can be
experienced by another,
i myself am added to,
change in the process."
jan phillips
photos from my weekend trip to owen sound
it was truly a creative time which changed me
thanks to lk ludwig for starting this idea
(see previous post)


Shayla said...

These are beautiful photos and beautiful words, Nancy. Thank you, I'll come back to them often.

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