Monday, September 30, 2013


is there anything more soothing then the smell of lavender
it was such a wonderful first fall weekend
 what a perfect day to harvest

I spent time cleaning my garage
 making space for all my garden ornaments and furniture
wondering through the garden, taking photos and planning next years design
it will be sad to see the garden go
but I will have this bundle to remind me
that spring will come again
and I will be ready to get my finger in the dirt
and nurture it back to its glory once again



Deborah said...

Welcome to autumn ...
Glorious post

bockel24 said...

soooo good to see you posting again - hope you´re feeling better now and that you received my card that I´ve sent to the hospital ...

Joanne Huffman said...

My favorite time of the year. And, lavender is one of the best scents ever.

Irene said...

great harvest, indeed.

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