Tuesday, September 18, 2012

free form crochet

 the first time i ever held a crochet hook i was 7
after learning the basics every barbie i owned had a new wardrobe!!
i moved on to scarves, hats and slippers and by the age of 10
i was creating larger items
i usually crochet in the fall and winter while watching tv
that way i feel like i'm not waisting time
while wondering through pinterest i discovered a wonderful coat
which lead me to a whole new world called
free form crochet
so i had to give it a try

i quickly discovered that there where no patterns to follow
just your imagination and a lot of shapes and flowers
using all kinds of yarns and just letting things happen
before you know it , i had this small purse finished
fully lined with felt
i have a pink one in progress, i will keep you posted


Irene said...

I don't think "before you know it". You are clearly a whiz. I like crocheting too, but have yet to master it while watching T.V. anxious to see your next creation.

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