Monday, August 13, 2012

worth the drive

a few weeks ago my friend lu, (who loves to sew and makes wonderful quilts)
and i went for a country drive and ended up in jordan village
to visit a store called "stitch"
(above a birds nest sitting outside the store i altered it a bit in ps )

this store was amazing and had the best displays
i was really inspired
and i will definitely go back
now i have to dust off my machine and start playing with a few ideas


Jo Vandermey said...

This store is just 12 minutes from my house! It is a great mix of quilt, yarn and colour! It is great just to go to for a colour fix. Jocelyn the owner is as sweet and helpful as can be and is a! joy to learn and talk too.
Jordan has other treasure places to visit and even those of us who live only minutes away will make it a day destination to visit.
Glad you enjoyed our "village"! Great pics too

Irene said...

sounds like a fun time.

Deborah said...

great captures Nancy ....
and don't 'cha just love 'new projects'
particularly of the talented version!

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