Sunday, January 22, 2012

my favorite tree

every time i visit the farm i have to stop and take a look at my favorite tree

no matter what time of year it always looks amazing

for my last texture challenge i added 8 telephone and hydro poles to my flickr page

while playing around i decide to take just one of the textures cropped it square

and duplicate it 4 times rotating each layer first 90 degrees then 180 and 270

creating a new texture which i used in the above project

(available on my flickr page to use)

i added to my tree photo and set the blending mode to color dodge

i also added a bokeh layer and some text

finishing it off with a frame


Linda Gibbons said...

Amazing transformation! Such an otherworldly scene!

starseasons said...

Trees really do take great photos. And your favorite tree is close by so you can stop in to see it often. How great

Irene said...

Love your tree, I have one like that, I must enjoy it. It's actually on the highway QEW just before Burlington. Reminds me of the talisman trees I think Lennie did awhile back. What ever happened to Lennie?

Rosie said...

I can totally see why it's your fave tree, Nancy! I really love your edits... and it's worthy of a frame!
I have been playing with your new grungey textures today - love them too!

johanna said...

so cool, nancy, playing with the blending modes really was effectful!
i have a few trees on my walking course, which i photograph over and over... should play more with these photos. thanks for giving me a start!

Deborah said...

just gorgeous!

ludgera said...

I know exactly what you mean. On the way up north I pass a tree and have taken photos over the past years in rain, mystic fog patches or hot summer days. The tree looks always it wants to tell a story. I should try to layer textures and make a file.

Lost Aussie said...

Yes I have a tree like that and have dozens of pictures of it.
Love the light from the bokeh layer.

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