Saturday, September 24, 2011


sorry about the last post, i tried to link my instagram to my blog and somehow it got lost??

so i'm trying it another way

i got my i phone march of 2010, i love it but i always forget about the camera option

i always carry my little camera in my purse, so i'm used to using it

at the beginning of the year a friend told me about instagram

a free app for iphones that lets you share your photos with other iphone photographers

so i signed up, my user name cherry 2000,(it's a movie reference),

you can find and follow others from all over the world and post comments

now, i just have to leave my little camera at home and use my iphone more often!!

if you are a member look me up and if not check it out, you'll love it
abve, a few photos from my instragram


justgilly said...

love it...i use my iphone all the time to snap tweaking them with all the fantastic apps. I hear about new apps from my instagram friends all the time!

Kate said...

Yay -- a new iphone app! I'm installing it now. Thanks, Nancy, I'll look for cherry 2000!

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