Friday, April 1, 2011

street grunge project

lately, as the snow has melted

it has revealed some interesting grunge

which i love

i'm always looking for texture to photograph

they add wonderful interest to any photo

even a simple tree

one thing i always notice is telephone poles

this one caught my eye

i played with the hue/saturation and cropped it

after trying it "on" several photos and

playing with all the different blending modes

i used the "difference" for the above tree

and "vivid light" for the photo below

like marie says

where layers count

sometimes less is more


Lost Aussie said...

I love the interesting looks you achieve when you play with the less used blending modes. So many people whack on a texture, blend to soft light and call it done. There are so many more artful opportunities and I am glad to see you stretch! xox

Caryl said...

This was fun. I love the first one. Nancy have a look at my blog and go to the link for Fiona, have a look at her abstract art... I thought of you.

Dena said...

Very interesting. I am amazed at how you do this. There seems to be endless colours and layers.

Happy Spring Nancy!

ludgera said...


Joanne Huffman said...

I always love what you do in Photoshop. These are intriguing and enjoyable to look at.

Jenny said...

Absolutely fabulous Nancy... love your photos.... oh and Miss Molly is just gorgeous....

Jenny x

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