Wednesday, March 23, 2011

no surprise

this morning i woke to a nice dusting of snow
no surprise, i do live in canada
(i've seen snow in april)
on my morning walk i manage to take several photos
it was walking back home when it got nasty
it's now afternoon and it hasn't stopped
looks like a foot so far
back to dreaming of spring and time in the garden


Lost Aussie said...

Same here except it;s not sticking! Snow, rain, snow, snow ..... ugh!
I told Lennie, I am going back in to hibernate some more!

Lisa said... the photo of the crocus popping through the snow..that says it all!

Sherry said...

My son just asked if I thought we'd have a snow day tomorrow. Doubt it and I'm certainly hoping it will stop sometime soon!

Liz-Anna said...

Gorgeous photos! But...sigh...will this snow never end??

ludgera said...

Don't give up! You might walk in your shorts in a week. I remember having my winter jacket on in the morning and in the afternoon shorts. Isn't that Canada?

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