Friday, January 28, 2011

digital journal magic

just finishing week two of my on-line class
with marie otero
WOW!!! what a lot of info
i've worked with layers
usually 4 or 5 of them
but for this class i'm using 15 to 20!!
tools i've never touch, clipping masks,
combining brushes, filters, effects, text,
creating my own patterns, learning new tips and tricks
and having fun while doing it!!
above my finished project
"paris in the spring"
elements i used in my project
several photos taken on my trip to paris last spring
i used a different filter on each , cutout, poster edge and threshold
an old street map and an old letter i found at the antique market
clip art of a compass and postage stamp
the blossoms are from marie

for my first project
i wasn't sure what to do
i've never been one to scrapbook or journal
so i decided to use my recent photos from my visit
to my friends farm in claremont

i used the cutout filter for the barn and horse photos
and the threshold filter for the grasses photos
and then chose a colour from the evergreens behind the barn
i found an old coffee stained postcard, a ticket and postage
the background was a combination of paper and brushes

i'm looking forward to week three


Teresa aka Tess said...

These are wuite lovely Nancy. What a great tribute to your friends farm. Well done!!

MarissaDW said...

Love your work! I"m so behind on the class. Will need to do some heavy duty catching up this weekend and will post it.

Lost Aussie said...

So glad you are having fun with the class Nancy. Your pages look just great!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

You are so GOOD!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

You are such a digital artist! great work.

HeARTworks said...

fantastic! So much more can be done with digital art! And it's so much fun! Patsy from

Karen said...

Wow Nacy, amazing. I bought Photoshop Elemets and so will need lessons.....

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