Monday, August 23, 2010

fleamarket finds

we started out sunday morning

with the intention to drive to the clarence flea market

but when we got up at 6am it was pouring rain

with no sign of stopping

we decided not to make the long drive

so we headed to st. lawrence market instead

everything seemed expensive and we were disappointed

back in the rain

off went to busybee's to pick up a few magazines

closed, opening at noon--drag

back in the rain

off to the junction to find a few "junk"shops

all closed on sundays--damn

wait a minute we found something open

maybe the day won't be waisted

and luckily eric was working

he told us about

market road antiques mall
well we were planning a road trip anyways.....

before we left the store

i noticed a brownie camera in the showcase

then another and another

three more for my collection

a brownie reflex synchro

a baby brownie with original box

and a eastman bullet camera

that makes it 13 in my collection


Unknown said...

I drove right past there today... should have stopped in. LOVE the finds!! Love old cameras myself. Looks like you've got a really fun collection going!

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