Saturday, April 10, 2010

day 1 in paris

we made it!!!!
spring time in paris
i had to take a second look
i thought these were fake

this guy looks how i feel
but we must carry on

the secret garden

st. michael
i left my home nearly 24 hours ago
and i've only had one hour of sleep!!
we spent 7 hour wondering the streets
(carmi knew where we where going!)
now that we are all settled in
i'm ready to call it a day
above are just a few of the
over 400 shots taken
hopefully tomorrow i will be on paris time
and be able to tell you where i went
and what i did


Teresa aka Tess said...

Oh Nancy, I will so enjoy eeing Paris through your eyes. Enjoy!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh how I know that feeling!

With all those pictures you can't be going too far!!! Have a wonderful time, I will follow you both with great interest and envy. Oh to be in Paris in the springtime!

Bonne Chance! Eat lots of goodies for me and please, please, please, a little champagne!

Unknown said...

Have fun! Love the image of the secret garden and the flowers. Enjoy the cafe's.

Caterina Giglio said...

oh loving your photos!!! get rest and enjoy for all of us!!

Irene said...

What a wonderful sleep walk.

me again said...

Pace yourself! :-)

I want some food porn pictures, too. The cheese, the wine, the baked goodies.........oh my.

Have fun and get lots of rest!!!

Debby said...

It looks so fabulous. Thanks for sharing these awesome pics. Get some sleep!

MarissaDW said...

Have a wonderful time in Paris. Looking forward to seeing more photos. These ones are lovely.

Kate said...

Thanks so much for sharing these lovely images. I hope you get caught up on your sleep.

Joanne Huffman said...

What beautiful photos. Hope you get caught up on sleep and local time.

Seth said...

Just beautiful. Cannot wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

love ST.Michael and THE Secret Garden!!!

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