Sunday, August 30, 2009

don't try this at home

or maybe you should???
last sunday before leaving the hotel
to go to the lynne perrella class
we turned the air conditioner on full blast
it was hot and humid and very sticky in ny
when we finished class we came back
to a "walk in" freezer!!
which was wonderful
quickly changed and grabbed my big camera
headed out for dinner
well we didn't get very far
when i saw something i needed to photograph
zoomed in, it was blurry
played with the focus, still blurry
OMG!! it's finally happened
"they" said it would
"someday your eye sight would just go"
i found something "up close to photograph"
still blurry
so i got out my little camera and took the picture
it was perfect
what a minute, i can see!!
looked a big camera again
it was frozen!!!
i cleaned the lens
and quickly with the heat
it was back to normal
i should have kept taking more photos!!!
these came out really cool!


me again said...

It was moisture forming on the inner workings of your camera, including the lens, from going from the really cold to the really hot and humid. It's happened to me too. It's not really good for the camera and something to try to avoid, so this is a great reminder to everyone! Cool shots though!! :-)

Leslie Jane Moran said...


Teresa aka Tess said...

Now if only you could get these kind of shots more often, but, without causing harm to the camera. I really like that last one. Looks like a door of some kind. Alice in Wonderland came to mind.

ELK said...

you must have had it REALLY cold in the shots, hope the camera is OK

Chuck Dilmore said...

ready at a moment's notice!
way to capture the magic, Nancy!
these are excellent!


Seth said...

Stellar shots. Glad it was the camera lens and not your eyes!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool photo.

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