Sunday, July 5, 2009

out for a stroll

today was one of those days
on my own with
nothing to do and no where to go
so i decided to head down to my favorite
neighbourhood, queen street west
there is just so much to see and do
art shops, galleries, vintage clothes,
antiques stores and junk shops
cool cafes and funky shops

in the same block
i met taco the newfie
and then found this sign

who could resist a peek in the paper place
i always spend way too much

this sign reminded me of judy
all in all if was a great day
i got some new art supplies
hit a great yard sale
and met some interesting people
i love it when the day just happens!


Irene said...

I love your signs, and yes we spend too much in a paper place.

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! Looks like you had a fun day. BTW, I received the R.A.K. package from you yesterday in the mail! Thanks so much. I'm cooking up something for my blog to pay it forward. I think it might be a piece of jewelry not sure. Anyway, stay tuned. :) Thanks again!

Chuck Dilmore said...

waaay to explore, Nancy!

i love the first & last photographs best.
but most of all, i love that you
just had fun with it!

peace, my friend~

martha brown said...

hey--that's my 'hood!

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