Tuesday, May 19, 2009

garden update

10 days later
and my garden has blossomed
everyday there is something
wonderful going on
my favorite time is now
everything looks so lush
i found a japanese maple
to replace my cherry tree
which lead to a total revamp of the centre garden
i moved some of the flagstone
removed all the plants
added some new earth and compost
and redesigned everything
around the new maple
cedar mulch to finish it off

solomon's seal

cherry blossom
from last year
i'm going to miss the blooms

not sure what this shrub is
but it blooms at the end of may
for just a few short weeks


Lisa said...

Lovely garden and landscaping! I have been looking at japanese maples for a few years now tryng to find space to put one as they are one of my favorites!
Did you lose any of your lavendar this winter? I had quite a few mature plants that did not survive the cold winter...

Lost Aussie said...

The garden is looking great Nancy! Well done! xox

Irene said...

I love that you have forger-me-nots, my neighbor always says they are weeds, but I love them.

Sue said...

Beautiful pictures Nancy! I would love to curl up in your garden right now with a good book. It is so inviting looking

Leslie Jane Moran said...

It's so nice to see your garden in bloom. I have a very "cool" yard and am forced to leave it for a long time in order to encourage re-seeding. It cheers my heart to see yours as I await my own. Lovely pictures and so much work! Yikes.
I have to stop gallivanting all over the countryside and dig in soon!

Aimeslee Winans said...

How goergeous, Nancy!

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