Thursday, February 26, 2009

getting impatient

it's been a long winter!
normally i except the fact that i live in canada
and spring comes late
but this years has been extremely long and cold
bright side:
the days are getting longer, yeah!
and the sun was shining bright yesterday
i managed to brave the cold and go for a walk
to take a few photos and get some vitamin d
above are the photos of my street
it's the only time i can see the lake,
well, a small part of it
i played with them in ps
and added a ttv
and them decided to put them all together
i think something like this would make a great banner
something spring like!


Sue said...

Nancy, I hear you on winter
(was not thrilled to see yet more snow last night when I was walking the dog).

Your pic montage would make a great banner! Very
atmospheric and does suggest the slide of winter into Spring.

Lisa said...

This photage is so haunting and beautiful.. full of emotion..the texture background from flickr is perfect.

I think a lot of your works would make fabulous banners..

Pamela said...

The photo on the right (bird) reminds me of the magpie on a fence painting by Monet.

Our snow melted away today, but I hear we're getting another blast this weekend. Will. It. Never. End.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Beautiful work, as always.

Shayla said...

Very pretty! I hear you Nancy, we've just finished shoveling out from another major winter storm.

Irene said...

Oh Nancy! lovely. I had to laugh yesterday, my son and I went downtown. As we came out of Union Station there were all these flurries, I was so annoyed, and then we realized there was a photo shoot and they were using a snow machine. I can live with that.

Teresa aka Tess said...

beautiful, yes a wonderful spring Banner.......

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