Tuesday, December 2, 2008


only 23 more days 'til christmas
i usually start counting after labour day weekend
it drives everyone crazy
i think i do it "just because"
but this fall has been very hectic and i'm behind
now that it's december it has sunk in
first task
christmas cards
like the one above made from
some leftover armature wire
in the past i've made tree ornaments
and decided that they will make great cards instead
i've also got some great pictures from
last winter, which seemed to last 6 months,
i've used in my new winter banner above and
know they will be great cards too


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Did you realize that even your post is in the shape of a Christmas tree?? You are brilliant!

Joanne Huffman said...

Your card looks great and the photos in the banner are wonderful.


Lost Aussie said...

Very lovely encaustic work of late...you are doing so well! Love the Xmas tree with the wire, it's awesome!

Irene said...

I love my little tree, you showed me how to make too. I was going to gift it, but the recipient might be me.

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