Sunday, September 28, 2008

vacation part 3

i really wasn't sure what to expect when arriving in philly
i didn't realize how much history was made here
i was pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful architecture
we spent most of our time in the old city near our hotel,
society hill just south and center city
it was an easy town to walk around and everything was relativity close
i would like to visit again
there is alot so see close by
dutch county, gettysburg and the barnes foundation
i have seen part of the exhibit when it came to the ago
we stayed for 2 day and then headed to hershey
where we bought too much chocolate
and visited the aaca museum
we drove for 5 hours straight to buffalo where we found
a great hotel and restaurant
we stayed in the honeymoon suite
with a jacuzzi, fireplace and king size bed!
the meal was fabulous and was included in the room package
the next day we did some shopping at the local outlet mall and headed
back to canada to see the falls and niagara-on-the-lake
all in all it was a wonderful vacation!


Lost Aussie said...

The holiday snaps look great!

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