Tuesday, July 29, 2008


my great grand parents
my grand parents

my parents

me and my sisters

for mixed media monday,
i went through all my art and photos
i guess we all use our family photos
so we don't have the copyright worries
going through my work i realized
that i have to work on the next 2 generations
i have 9 nieces and nephews
and 5 great ones
now i feel really old!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Diane

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous artwork.

Gillian .... said...

Lovely artwork using these precious photo's.

Anonymous said...

These are so beuatiful! It's not just copyright worries it's also great fun to work with your own photo's. It's great to make something nice and then use the people you love for it.

firstborn studio said...

hi nancy!
these are priceless...all you!

take a look at my blog...i have given you an award!


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