Wednesday, May 21, 2008

it's all your fault

just when i had enough on my plate when it comes to computer skills,
my friend Lennie gives me a class in brushes!!
after downloading, unzipping, opening every brush and trying them out,
i've realized that if i live another 100 years i will never get to use them all.
not only is there endless resources on the web but then i find out
that anyone of my photos or drawings can now be made into my own brush!!!!
my mind had been racing with all the possibilities!
and now my brain has turned to mush.
i'm sure i will dreaming in brushland tonight.
so thanks Lennie,
this time "it's all your fault" !


me again said...

You're welcome! I just know you're going to come up with some terrific "homemade" brushes from all your great texture photographs.

firstborn studio said...


your images are to die for,
and your brushes are amazing!

i have soooo much to learn,i have no idea how to make a brush,do you know of a particularly good book or website on the subject?

any tips & hints you can share would be great!!!

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