Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i recently had an amazing opportunity to take a photoshop class
from my friend Marie Otero
i've always admired Marie's work and was honored
to spend 5 days creating with her
i had a wonderful time, learned lots and created some wonderful pieces.
i promised myself that i would spend half an hour a day working on photoshop,
which is a long time for me to sit in one place.
i've been playing with Elements 2 and now i have 5,
and just started last year working in layers
it's been a long process, i'm such a visual person
and had a hard time learning from a book
sitting next to Marie, learning step by step
really jump started me into the next phase!
she really understood how my brain worked and made it so easy!!!!!!
i've been practicing all my lessons but haven't created anything worth showing,
so I've posted a few pieces I did at Marie's.
between our lessons we got our hands wet working on backgrounds,
it was a nice break from sitting.
i created several backgrounds using old paper, tape, gesso, inks and paint.
after printing out my digital collages, i transferred them onto the background
and created some interesting pieces.
thanks again to Marie,
you are a generous, patient and kind person and
i'm glad you are my friend!


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