Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where Is Nancy Donaldson?

Hello, my name is Carmi and I am one of Nancy’s really good friends (she has many)! I wanted to send you a small note today to tell you a little bit about what has happened to Nancy this year.

As an avid blogger, I am sure you were accustomed to seeing beautiful images posted on a regular basis here on her blog.  On January 16th Nancy blogged:

i've been hibernating this winter,
 mostly due to a "popped rib"   
its been a problem since late november and i've done everything possible to make it better
some days better than others”

Like most stories, who knew where that comment would lead us.

A few days later Nancy was rushed to the hospital where x-rays revealed a massive tumor wrapped around her spine.  Surgery was performed quickly.  Nancy had almost no time to process the news and reach out to family.

Being diagnosed with Cancer is the last thing any of her friends expected to hear.  Hearing about it at the same time as discovering that Nancy now has two rods and nine screws holding her spine together was an even bigger shock.

Nancy is battling Cancer and simultaneously relearning to walk.  Currently she is using a wheelchair.

For the first seven weeks Nancy was in one of Toronto’s best hospitals for cancer treatment; St. Michael’s.  She is now a patient at Lyndhurst Rehab Centre, a hospital dedicated to helping people regain their mobility.  Lyndhurst is working with St. Michael’s in order to ensure she receive ongoing chemotherapy.

She is committed to her recovery and has a wonderful group of friends and family assisting her.

A group has planned a fundraiser in April for her.  We believe that you shouldn’t have to go into debt because you are ill.  This fundraiser is an opportunity for many of her friends to help in so many different ways.  We will be auctioning and selling some of Nancy’s artwork and there are over 50 pieces of her finished jewelry that will be sold as well.  If you can come to the event, I know you will want to buy something.  Her work is stunning.

If you are one of Nancy’s long distance friends there is something you can do as well.  Please keep her in your thoughts.  You can leave messages here on this blog post and you can mail a card to her at the hospital.  

Lyndhurst Centre Spinal Cord Rehab, Patient Nancy Donaldson  Address: 520 Sutherland Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4G 3V9

We do not want a single day or even an hour to pass without Nancy feeling like we are all behind her.

The invitation to her fundraiser is below.  Please come.

March 27, 2013


Anonymous said...

I first met Nancy a couple years ago at Mixed Minded in Kitchner. Although I did not take her class I was thrilled to buy 2 pieces of her amazing encaustic art. Through out the weekend I fell in love with her wild and whackey attitude..and her boots!
Nancy I am sorry to hear you are fighting this battle. PLease remember "No One Fights Alone"! I hold you close in thought and prayer!
Pam Barnes

Kathyk said...

Cancer is a terrible disease and no respecter of human life or dignity - here's hoping it's Nancy-1, Cancer-0

BEST WISHES for your battle


beverly.anger said...

I was at the Mixed Minded event in Kitchener when I met Nancy too. Her laugh was infectious, her talent was amazing, and yes her boots were knock outs! Nancy you are in my thoughts and prayers. Beverly Anger

Caryl said...

Oh Nancy...I am so so sorry to hear this awful news. Please get well soon and just know that all the way from South Africa I wish you well and will move you to the top of my prayer list.
Be encouraged that God is Omnipitant and Omnipresent.. around the world there are people who pray and more than not, we have wonderful reports of healing.
Love and hugs

Irene said...

Always wishing her well, thanks Carmi.

Deborah said...

Thank you for posting Carmi, appreciate it. Although Nancy and I have only met through her blog, she is a wonderful, talented and generous soul ...

As devastating as Nancy's health challenge is, she must remember that attitude conquers all ... it will be her strong and positive attitude (along with a little help from her Dr.'s) that will make her well ... and creating once again.

Joanne Huffman said...

Thanks for the post, Carmi. Nancy, I'm sending love, prayers, and positive thoughts.

Lisa said...

Many thanks for posting...sending positive thoughts and love. Nancy is one of the most generous souls...beautiful inside and out. Please take care and get well soon Nancy.

Anonymous said...

I've just come across this posting - a bit more than a month later through an image from Nancy's blog that was posted on Pinterest.

I'm thinking good thoughts for Nancy right now and hoping that all is well and on the mend.

We've never met, but I admire you for your contribution to our universe!

laurel said...

Nancy, so sorry to hear that you are going through this struggle and sending love, hugs and prayers your way. Your are such a beautiful person inside and out and I hope you feel God's arms around you through this. I would love to make a donation so just let me know if you add an online option for it.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your sight and I am so happy I did! I have been a customer of Nancy's for several years and think very highly of her! What an amazing talented person she is! Because of what you are doing for Nancy I will be sending a donation to her home as I would love to help.


Carmi said...

Hi Josie! Thanks for checking in. We are hoping to have another update soon. Nancy is still in the hospital...it has been a long winter and spring.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...
sweet Nancy I am just now reading all this!
Oh girlfriend I am sending a hug and
wishes for everything good. Lots of
Love dear friend .... EdenClare

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